Processing using heat makes the hair wave and curl


brazilian hair extensions

You may be wondering on the type of hair to weave on your head, the solution is here with you, brazilian hair is the best hair you would put on your head. It is the most available on the market today because of the properties and features the hair contains. They include,

Brazilian hair is preferable because it is has a texture that is easy to blend with high density, soft and durable. It is luxurious and soft in texture with the ability to shine naturally with low- medium luster. The high density makes it less frizzy with the ability to maintain the curls for quite a long period of time. The hair is light which makes maintenance easier with minimal tangling. This is the only hair that is versatile and amazing to use.

Brazilian hair is not processed by chemicals rather is processed by heat, making the final result to be 100% natural. The natural nature of this hair makes it not to damage the hair cuticles. The hair cuticles remain all intact, no chemical processing is done to the hair and the hair is made in a way that they all face one position.This makes the Brazilian hair to become tangle free 1000/0.1n its natural state, one package is for one lady’s head, with it coming in natural dark colors like off black, black, medium brown and dark brown.

Brazilian hair has the cuticles that are still intact or what you may refer to as the virgin cuticles. This property is achieved through the process by which the hair is processed. This type of hair is processed naturally through the use of heat in the ovens but no the use of chemicals. Processing using heat makes the hair wave and curl, but its virginity is not interfered with. The hairs cuticles remain virgin, and it is these cuticles that need to remain intact to make the hair virgin.

Quality and styles
You may be looking for the hair that is of high quality, Brazilian hair has the highest quality in the market. The hair is quality guaranteed in different bundles. It is light, high density, soft and durable. It has the ability to hold the curls for a long period of time so long as you apply the oil often. There is little chemical processing done to the hair, giving it a natural state. The hair is tangle free due to the intact cuticles arranged in a unidirectional manner from roots to the end as compared to low quality hair. The hair also comes in different styles which enable you to style it the way you desire.

This hair has the following extensions,
Brazilian virgin hair
This hair is the most preferred and popular product in many markets. This is because it is never processed by the use of any chemicals at all. It Is not processed with chemicals due to the fact that it can shine naturally and it contains the slight waves. The cuticles are under preservation because they face one direction. If you use this hair type prevents you from facing problems such as tangling hair, frizzing and abrading.

Brazilian Remy tresses
This extension is considered to be the standard form though quite different from the later. The main reason being that it is often treated with the use of color with chemicals. It is processed for it to attain the Curly Remy hair. Another difference is that it is often dyed for it to be able to match with different hair types worldwide. This extension enables you to perform things like application of dyes, curling, blow-drying and flat-ironed. It is often found in black and dark brown colors.

These are hair sections attached to the band which makes it able to be attached to an individual’s existing hair. Brazilian hair is available as your own individual hair. As an individual hair, a saloonist or stylist is in a position to fix atleast twenty different strands to your hair leaving them with the fine threads. Individual hair gives you an excellent movement and a look that is very natural while the wefts help in the body optimization and the hairs height in the same process adding increase to the hairs length.

Brazilian hair is available to the buyers and customers in wavy, silky straight and curly textures. Most of the buyers, customers and salonists look for these properties in the hair before buying. It is the most commonly preferred hair weaves because of the many unique properties that it has in comparison with the other types of hairs. You looking for the best type of hair to use, then Brazilian hair is the best product for you.


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